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Business Outline

At SATICINE MEDICAL, we develop advanced ingredients that are derived from natural substances. We also research and develop cosmetic formulations and products that enhance the effectiveness of ingredients. In order to reach our goals, we interlock our development policy of “natural and highly efficient” with market trends. By offering commercialized technical and research services such as contracted evaluation tests and consumer marketing, we can fully support customers who wish to start a business in the cosmetic industry.

Our Special Features

■Cosmetic Formulations
We are in proud possession of many special formulations that are used in basic skin-care products. By applying the formulations, we are capable of producing private brand products in small lots and at low costs. We also can answer to the needs of customers by creating original cosmetic products that they desire.

■Development of Cosmetic Ingredients
We develop and possess many natural ingredients that are cultivated here in Japan. We specialize in using the “best” ingredient by picking the “best” location of growth, the “best” grower, and using only the “best” parts of the ingredients.

■Evaluation Test for Cosmetics
To visualize the effects and safety of cosmetic products on the human skin, we implement over 70 different tests. We are the leader of evaluation tests in Japan, with our high number of different tests. Evidence-based evaluation testing can be used to optimize a product, or be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Business Description

■Design, formulation development, and contracted manufacturing (OEM) of cosmetic products, quasi-pharmaceutical products, soap, and medical products for external use

Our main business is contracted manufacturing of basic skin-care cosmetics, as well as different types of soap. Using our experience and knowledge gained over the years, we can fully support customers, including those who wish to start a new business in the cosmetic industry. We also develop products for medical institutions as well. Our technology is used in developing highly efficient cosmetic products that are sold within medical facilities.

■Basic Research and Development

[Development Technology of Water-soluble, Viscose Cosmetic Materials Using Natural Polymer]
We are researching and developing a new natural ingredient to replace carboxyvinyl polymer (carbomer), a water-soluble polymer commonly used in gel products.

[Emulsification Technology Using Natural Amphiphilic Substance]
We are striving to develop a natural amphiphilic substance much less irritable than synthesized surface-acting chemical agents, used in many emulsifying products.

[Antiseptic Technology Using Natural Plant Extract]
We are in the midst of developing an innovative antiseptic technology, created solely from natural plant extracts instead of the widely-used paraben.

■Contracted Evaluation Tests

[Antiseptic and Antibacterial Tests Using Microorganisms]
We are able to test for antiseptic and antibacterial capabilities by directly placing microorganisms onto the products. This test takes about 2 months, while we observe the growth of microorganisms over time.

[Tests to Check for Toxicity and the Efficiency of Ingredients by Culturing Cells]
Each and every ingredient used in cosmetic products is checked by ingredient manufacturers, but it is also necessary to know the toxicity of the final product. At SATICINE MEDICAL, we are striving to develop and establish the technology of testing for toxicity using cell cultures. We are also creating a test using cell cultures to evaluate the efficiency of cosmetic products.