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Evaluation Tests for Cosmetics

Evaluation tests add value to developing formulations and ingredients. At SATICINE MEDICAL, we conduct over 70 different tests, which is the highest number of tests, here in Japan. We evaluate the products’ safety and efficacy, to visualize the products’ information numerically. We can show our customers (test only available to OEM customers) the results as an objective data, and can also hold seminars for the customers to explain the human skin and its mechanisms. This evidence-based evaluation testing can be used as a powerful marketing tool.

Evaluation tests can be performed on cosmetic ingredients and products that were planned and developed by SATICINE MEDICAL. In order to survive in the world of contracted manufacturing of cosmetics, we believe creating products is not enough. We need to be unique and original, and “data” is one of our specialties.

We perform evaluation tests on ingredients and formulations to optimize them. Various methods are used in the evaluation tests, such as cell cultures, microorganisms, enzymes, and component analysis. In addition, to widen the spectrum, we are actively developing new methods for our evaluation tests.