Japan's material and technology can make the best value innovation in the world of cosmetics.


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Make our life culture more beautiful by using Japanese technology.

Development of Cosmetic Formulations

From the very beginning, our aim has been to develop cosmetic products that the consumers can use with a sense of safety and security. Our technology has been adopted by many of our customers. As a professional in cosmetics development, we plan to develop formulations that will make your dream product come true, and also plan on providing information regarding cosmetics.

We develop a wide range of cosmetics to give a sense of safety and security to the consumers, such as gels using natural polymers, antiseptics that use natural plant extracts, and alcohol-free clear soap. Many of our customers use our technology, and currently, 300 of our formulations are in active use, while there have been over 2,000 in the past.

In addition to researching and developing formulations, we are capable of producing unique and original cosmetic products using carefully-selected, natural Japanese plant extracts. We can help create a product of your liking and make suggestions to suit your concept. Every single one of our researchers suggests and develops new formulations, as well as planning the products. We are always fully prepared to develop new cosmetic products.