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Development of Cosmetic Ingredients

We have developed 85 different kinds of ingredients, placing us at the top in Japan. We select and develop natural ingredients that are made in Japan, all of them highly-praised in the world.

In order to develop new ingredients, we launched the “Furusato Genki Project,” which roughly translates to “Reviving Our Hometown Project.” Our researchers visit growers in search of ingredients that are local specialties or grown using special cultivation methods. By creating a product that makes best use of the ingredients, we wish to let their town be known as the home of the ingredients, to help revitalize the area. This also allows us to develop cosmetic ingredients that can be traced back to the growers, so consumers can feel safe in using the products. The aim of this project is to distribute the growers’ passion throughout Japan in the form of cosmetics, and in return, revitalize local communities.

Our researchers carefully select the “best” ingredients from all over Japan in this “Furusato Genki Project.” We thoroughly consider where the “best” location is for a certain ingredient, and who in that location, is the “best” grower. We only use the “best” parts of the selected ingredients in our products. By seeking a new and “best” ingredient, we wish to create a cosmetic product with competitive power.