Japan's material and technology can make the best value innovation in the world of cosmetics.


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Make our life culture more beautiful by using Japanese technology.

Manufacturing Facilities

SATICINE MEDICAL manufactures in complete accordance with GMP standards, to fit global guidelines of quality control, so our cosmetic products can be accepted in markets around the world.

Our facilities and environment are leading-edge, and have also newly installed machines and equipment. We do not completely rely on machines, either, and our management system is meticulous. Facilities are fully equipped to suit the cosmetics GMP standards, and we actively take part by adopting ideas such as cleanrooms and sanitary engineering. By creating atmospheric pressure differences between rooms, dust is not carried into control rooms and others. With automation in certain areas and with a clean system, we are capable of multi-product manufacturing with a shorter delivery time. Our facilities can manufacture over 20 million products a year.

Using our advanced technology and our solid achievements, we support our customers from product suggestion to delivery.