Japan's material and technology can make the best value innovation in the world of cosmetics.


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Make our life culture more beautiful by using Japanese technology.

Our Strengths

We mainly specialize in contracted manufacturing (OEM) of basic skin-care as well as various types of soaps and quasi-pharmaceutical products. We fully support our customers from planning and development to manufacturing, sales, and support in pharmaceutical affairs. Normally, in contracted manufacturing, customers need to discuss details with multiple companies, at each and every step. At SATICINE MEDICAL, that is not the case. Customers can sign with us for the whole package. This allows us to create products with consistency and at minimum cost.

We have committed ourselves in researching and developing ingredients such as those using plant extracts and microbial fermentation, and we develop highly-effective cosmetic products. Using our advanced research, we have also developed products for medical institutions. SATICINE MEDICAL’s technology has been applied to OEM developments of highly-effective basic skin-care products that are sold in medical facilities.

Strong Point #1: Formulation Development

Currently, there are 300 of our formulations in active use, while there have been over 2,000 in the past. We research and develop highly-effective soaps and cosmetic products that use naturally derived ingredients. We maintain our development policy of “Natural and highly-effective” to all of our products.

Strong Point #2: Ingredient Development

We only use natural ingredients that are grown in Japan, and currently possess 85 different ingredients, placing us at the top in this country. We develop our ingredients using only Japanese plants, and are capable of mixing unique extracts to products.

Strong Point #3: Evaluation Tests

We are the leaders in Japan in evaluation tests, with over 70 tests that we can perform. We can visualize data regarding safety and efficiency, as well as the effects cosmetic products have on human skin. We provide this objective data to our customers, for them to use as a strong marketing and sales tool.

Strong Point #4: Total Support

We have 3 manufacturing facilities here in Japan, which in total can manufacture over 20 million products a year. Along with meeting GMP standards, our quality control system is partially automated, and we have adopted a clean system. Also, we will soon be certified by the ISO13485. We are capable from creating a concept to suggesting formulations, manufacturing, packaging, and delivering. We can support customers from the beginning to the end. Because we take care of the entire process ourselves, customers can feel a sense of security, even if they are new to the cosmetic industry.